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Glorious History
Ancient Greece was one of the cradles of Western civilization and home to some of the most wondrous and awe-inspiring architectural feats of the age.
  • Parthenon


  • Knossos


  • Temple of Poseidon

    Temple of Poseidon

Wonderful beaches

Greece is known all over the world for its stunning beaches. They can be found in many parts of the coast, including both the mainland and many gorgeous islands.
  • Aegean Sea

    Aegean Sea

  • Ionian Sea

    Ionian Sea

  • Crete


Delicious Tastes

Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine, sharing numerous characteristics with Middle Eastern cuisines of the region.
  • Souvlaki


  • Salad


  • Gyros


Why Greece is called Ellada in Greek?

The ancient name of the country is Hellas or Ellada and its official name is the Hellenic Republic. In English, however, the country is usually called Greece, which comes from Latin Graecia (as used by the Romans) and literally means ‘the land of the Greeks’

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